To help keep Lincolnshire’s chalk streams flowing we’re currently working with a number of landowners to help restore and improve the chalk stream habitat.


American Mink are an invasive non-native species that have a devestating effect on our native wildlife. With funding from Anglian Water we’re trialling new technology to help tackle the issue and feed into the national converstation on mink control.

Blow Wells

Blow wells have been a feature of North Lincolnshire for centuries. A blow well is a type of groundwater spring, which is seldom (if at all) found across the British Isles except for the coastal margins of Lincolnshire. The geological conditions needed to form a blow well are found between Louth and Barton-Upon Humber. 

Natural Flood Management

Natural Flood Management is fast becoming incredibly important to help us tackle the problems we have with flooding. We now not only look at ways to improve the habitat of Lincolnshire’s chalk streams but we look around the catchment to find ways to help ‘slow the flow.’

Native Crayfish

We are part of a county wide working group that are trying to save our last population of native white-clawed crayfish to suitable ‘Ark’ sites around Lincolnshire.

CaBA – Catchment Based Approach

We lead on the delivery of action from our Strategic Action plan in the Northern Becks area with the help of Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

CS Facilitation Fund

In early 2018 the Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project (LCSP) was awarded over £43,500 to run a Facilitation Fund group with farmers and landowners along the Great Eau catchment over three years…